Teeth whitening at the Vale Dental Practice uses a hydrogen peroxide strength of 6 percent, the highest legally allowed in the UK. 

We can combine treatments using Philips laser zoom teeth whitening and specially designed lab trays to provide fantastic results for patients. 

The “ home bleaching kits” are more of a long term whitening product that can be used continuously throughout life. Top ups can be carried out before a wedding or celebration, to make sure teeth look great before a social night out. 

At the Vale Dental Clinic, you will have a free consultation for teeth whitening by a dentist where s/he will suggest what is best treatment option for you and what can realistically be achieved. A shade guide is taken before to give you an idea of how white it can go. 

Many of our cosmetic treatments are only carried out after whitening to ensure the new cosmetic veneer or crown resembles the whitest possible shades. 

Call us now and book your free consultation. 
Prices start from £185 and for the full package go up to £395