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Free consultations for all cosmetic Dental work. Call us now and come and speak to a cosmetic Dentist. The Harley street branch, has a charge of £65, the same dentists work in both practices.

Options for Treatment ?

At the Vale Dental Clinic, we have several cosmetic Dentists who have undergone advanced postgraduate training in veneers and aesthetic cosmetic dentistry. Dr Benjamin has completed the Advanced aesthetics course at the prestigious Eastman Dental institute. Dr Mani, has completed hundreds of smile makeovers combining Invisalign aligners, veneers and crowns.

Porcelain veneers
Cost: -£485-785
Per Veneer

These are natural looking shaped and coloured porcelain made sheaths that are carefully created in a lab to enhance the aesthetics and smile of patients.

Main Advantages:
1) The most superior aesthetics
2. No staining, impervious to food and drink for 5-10 years
3. Increase aesthetics colour and shap
4. Created in a lab, using models

Composite Veneers

Created by the dentist free hand, in a single session free hand, these provide a fantastic compromise between invasive porcelain veneers and a desire for increased Aesthetics, they can significantly improve the shade and contour of misaligned or chipped/ thin teeth, and often no drilling or damage is done to the real tooth, making it a wonderfully reversible procedure.

Main Advantages

1. Improve the aesthetics without cutting the teeth
2. Cheaper then porcelain veneers
3. 5-7 Years
4. Minimally invasive
5. No drilling
6. No injections
7. Significant improvement in Aesthetics.