Are you nervous about visiting the dentist ?
Do you experience severe anxiety a day or two visiting the dentist ?
Does your heart beat, with tremendous speed when being treated by the emergency dentist ?
Would you simple want to avoid the entire visit to the dentist ?
Vale Dental Clinic is the place for you !
Why ?

We’re not going to give you a generic list, rather get intimate with you.

Our dentists are friendly, and psychologically trained to eliminate anxiety and placebo pain. Some patients require a very tender soft touch to dentistry which can be provided to allay their anxiety. Some patients simple need reassurance of the safety of the procedure and pain. Some patients will require knowledge of how bad the teeth can get or are already to cognitively accept any potential discomfort with a open heart.

This combined with effective proven techniques such as gradual sensation and pain reducing injections on site create tremendous changes.

Every patient is different, however the ability to perceive this and then react in a bespoke way, is what makes the defining difference to nervous and or anxieties patients.

Simple put we know and understand your anxiety ! We have treated thousands of patients, from people to scared to enter the front door in tremendous pain, to small children as young as 4 who are scared of anything and lack the understanding to negotiate logic . For every person a different approach is required to provide effective, complete dental anaesthetic and treatment.

Give us a call, tell the dentist your a nervous patient and we will bring you in for a informal consultation.