The Vale Dental practice emergency dentistry prides itself in giving to the local community and charities. We pledge to give 10 percent of any profits to charity underlining our commitment to stay grounded, and remember the purpose of life and the reason d etre of healthcare.

The purpose of life, the way we see it, is to give to people as best as possible and as much as possible, while at the same time maintaining a balanced approach to realism and practicalities.

How do we give ?

By providing the most competitive pricing for patients.
By doing our very best for every patient.

By dentists putting themselves in each patients shoes. What would they do if it was their tooth. Through this method dentists can figure out the method of treatment which best suits the patients interests always.

We wish all our patients a happy new year, goodness, health, blessing and peace, to follow the good path of life and choose light and life.