Purpose: Improve the shape, shade & length of the teeth

💷Cost:£195-£395 per tooth. Price dependent on treating clinician, Material
✍🏼Finance available:10 months interest free
💰No deposit required for finance
✏️Note:Composite does not change colour with whitening gel therefore if a whiter shade is wanted the natural teeth are whitened afirst

📍London | Harley Street, Goldersgreen, Deptford
😁Lasts: Approximately 5-7 years
💉No injections
⚙️No Drilling
😬No Tooth Alteration
🤕No pain
😝Free Consultation
🚁Number of visits:completed in 1 appointment
💣Caution: Must be completed by an experienced clinician
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🌧 Disadvantage .. more prone to fracture, staining over time. Despite 80% improvement in aesthetics, some improvements are limited without cutting down tooth tissue.
🙏Our advice: Composite Veneers provide a fantastic choice to patients before embarking or considering porcelain veneers, life changing improvements in aesthetics, and form of teeth can be achieved , a very versatile application. We advise use of the very best, Ivoclar Empress Dentine Bleach Shade for extra effect.
🌞Advantage Cheaper, No Tooth Cut or damaged in process, fantastic results, one appointment, completed on the Same Day.
Porcelain Veneers
🎯Purpose:Reshape/Change Shade/Align Teeth
💷Cost: £685-£1200 per Veneer
✍🏼Finance available:3yrs interest free
💰No deposit required for finance
✏️Note:All cases can differ in amount of alteration required to produce the correct final result.
📍London | Leeds | Manchester
🕰Lasts: approx 15 years
💉Little anaesthesia
🤕No pain
🚁Number of visits:3-4 appointments
💣Caution:Must be completed by an experienced dentist
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🌧 Disadvantages:Tooth is cut and prepared, likely to require replacement in 10 -15years, more expensive
🌞 Advantages: lasts longer, no staining, less prone to fracture, ability to achieve perfect aesthetics and larger change in aesthetics.
🙏 Our advice: If you are younger, first try the composite Veneers, which are in large part reversible, if there are significant changes that are required, and a tad older, porcelain Veneers is your first call.