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Emergency Dentist London - Open 365 days a year including Christmas and new years.


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1) We see patients immediately and ensure a UK registered emergency dentist will examine and treat you

2) Your call will be answered by a 
UK registered emergency dentist

3) We offer affordable prices for emergency dental treatment in London

Tooth emergency ...

What is a tooth emergency ? 

A dental emergency can be defined as a severe tooth pain, abcess, bleeding gums or other abnormality within the oral cavity that cannot be delayed due to a concern about ones health or well being. This loose translation means that any issue where a patient may feel concern can be classified as a dental emergency, and therefore require an emergency dentist. For more information, of what types of dental emergency you may be experiencing, along with the symptoms, diagnosis and solutions  please click here.

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Our Atttitude
There are only a few 24 hour Emergency Dentists in London. We have combined patient care, management and efficiency to offer you the most affordable emergency dental treatment in London.  We will see you immediately> Make an assessment with a provisional diagnosis> Explain the proposed treatments> Emphasise the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment option along with the special prices we offer from cheapest to most expensive. Then with whatever option you choose,  we will immediately take you out of pain using local anaesthetic and complete the treatment for a lasting pain relief.
After the treatment we will text or call you to ensure everything is ok. Our materials are all the highest quality, composite filling materials. Tooth pain is a leading cause of absence from work, so come to our practice and treat the source of the pain effectively so that you can feel good again.
What We Believe ...
We believe in offering you high quality care for an affordable price. Every part of your visit is guided and monitored to ensure you are happy with the results. This includes the use of intra oral cameras to show you before and after shots of any treatment. While compromising on the price we offer,  we do not compromise on the QUALITY of treatment . To each of our patients we devote a thirty minute or one hour appointment, and none of our dentists have quotas or time pressing needs. Many of our patients were so satisfied with our service they decided to change dentist after their visit.  We are committed to giving three percent of all earnings to charity underlining the basic moral basis of our practice... low cost treatments for the highest 

Testimonials  ...100% Genuine reviews 

'' Had to get my wisdom tooth removed but my usual dentist was closed until Monday. Saw Dr Mani on the Friday and he was able to get me out of pain when I needed it. Can't thank them enough''

''Was seen on 30th December with potential root canal treatment needed. Was seen 1 hour after I called by a superb dentist. He was very gentle, very reassuring and incredibly informative. He performed a treatment to try to save the tooth and sent me away. That night the pain was dreadful, I called and he saw me on New Years Eve and I asked him to do the root canal. However he asked me to try to let it settle another 24hrs, and he'd see me on New Years day or during the night if it got too bad. The next day, things had indeed calmed down, and I didn't go back. He called me that evening to check on me!!!!! He could have done the root canal, and made lots more money, but didn't. I can't thank him enough. My tooth has been saved and it was amazing to find. Thank You''

Daniel Cohen

'' Root canal completed at 2 AM, completely taken me out of pain today, these guys are absolute masters, blessed are the meek''.

Find out about our state of the arc Tri-Scaler which removes plaque and Calculus more efficiently then ever. All our hygiene treatments are completed by a qualified dentist and not a hygienist.

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Teeth Whitening at the Vale Dental Practice
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Do you Want teeth whitening, we use EU regulation maximum hydrogen Peroxide solutions for a Lasting Effect, we have home Bleaching and Laser whitening to give each patient maximum choice, prices start from just 120 pounds.

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